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…The Sopranos ending has an explanation?

The Sopranos

When The Sopranos ended abruptly in extended darkness, many fans felt slighted by the lack of…well, anything.

However, the “Master of Sopranos” has published what he’s calling the definitive explanation of “The End”, and if there’s more to it than what he manages to drag out of those few precious seconds, then I don’t think I want to know.

Read through for a very exhaustive explanation of what one fan thinks David Chase’s message was, or read the spoiler below if you’d rather not wade through text to get to the good stuff.

(Spoiler: Tony got shot in the head in Holsten’s, and the blackness was Tony’s point of view shot.)

[Master Of Sopranos – The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of “The End”]

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…Vodka can taste like the rainbow?

Skittles Vodka

Anybody can taste the rainbow, but what about shooting the rainbow?

By dissolving packages of Skittles into bottles of vodka, you too can make your very own Skittles flavored vodka.

Though some of the flavors overpowered the vodka and ended up tasting a bit too much like cough syrup, the maker of this colored concoction actually said that some of the flavors tasted pretty close to their original Skittle flavor, meaning it might be worth giving this process a shot (pun intended) if you’re into that sort of thing.

[Instructables – Skittles Vodka]

…Engines are amazing?

Corvette ZR1

I always love the exploded engine shot, because I’m always amazed by how much stuff goes into an engine.

The image above is the 2009 Corvette ZR1’s LS9, and gives a glimpse of what 620 horsepower looks like on the inside.


[Via: Jalopnik]

…Bars are full of myths?

Like most people, I thought Amaretto was an almond liqueur, gin and vodka were completely different liquors, and mixing alcohols will result in a hangover, but each of those facts is are among the ten bar myths that Jeffrey Morgenthaler wants to set straight. Considering his background consists of years of bar tending, I’m going to take his word for it. Plus, he admits that he doesn’t go home with a different girl each night, so you know he’s not doing it for the ego boost. Check it out if you’ve ever wondered why your bartender still measures out shots, or if you just want to know a little more about what goes on behind the bar.

[Ten Myths You’ve Probably Heard In Bars]

…Hunters can shoot with seasonings?

Flavor Shot

If you hunt for birds, you’re bound to run into the problem of finding shot in them when dinnertime rolls around, and subsequently crunching a chip in your tooth. Season Shot eliminates that problem by replacing the metal shot with tightly packed seasoning, bound by a fully biodegradable food product. When it comes time to cook up your catch, “the seasoning is actually injected into the bird on impact, seasoning the meat from the inside out. When the bird is cooked the seasoning pellets melt into the meat, spreading the flavor to the entire bird”. Besides saving you a dentist bill, these pellets don’t leave behind a harmful waste in the environment like regular shot. Available in Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic, teriyaki and honey mustard flavors, Season Shot is sure to satisfy any hunter’s discerning palette.

[Season Shot]

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