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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Cadillac One?

Cadillac One

When Obama goes for his inaugural ride in the Cadillac One, he’ll be the most protected president to date thanks to a slew of new safety features.

The president’s limo has always been designed to keep him safe in all but the most dire of circumstances, and this one is no different, as its designed to protect against armor-piercing bullets, projectiles, biochemical attacks, and even bombs that manage to find their way underneath the vehicle.

How much armor will be keeping the Cadillac One safe?

Try five inch thick steel under the car; Kevlar reinforced, shred and puncture-resistant tires with steel backup rims for tire-less high speed escapes; A foam filled gas tank that prevents an explosion, even if it suffers a direct hit; Eight inch thick doors that weigh more than the cabin door on a 757; and bullet proof glass in every window that will stop nearly any bullet that finds its way towards the car.

In addition, the vehicle features night vision cameras, a firefighting system, oxygen generators, shotguns, tear gas cannons, a collection of GPS and communications devices, and even a few pints of the presidents blood should he need an emergency transfusion en route to a hospital.

Don’t expect to see the president making guest appearances at any local drag strips however, since the car takes a full 15 seconds to get to 60 mph, and has reached its top speed once it gets there. Plus, he’d have a tough time getting home since the car gets just 8 mpg.

There are probably plenty of other capabilities that we’ll never know about, but it’s good to know that Obama will be riding around in what amounts to a bomb shelter on wheels when he hits the streets.

[Via: Jalopnik]

…It’s TGI Friday: Stick Arena?

Stick Arena

Stick Arena lets you “jump online and take on the world from any PC!”

    Frag friends and foes anytime, anywhere in this revolutionary multiplayer flash game.

    Take down your opponents with the Katana, AK-47, Sledgehammer, Shotgun, Baseball Bat, or Glock.

    Battle it out in Offices, Construction Yards and Sewers.

    Create a free account to customize your character, save your combat stats and earn higher Ranks.

    Climb the leaderboard in a bid for 1st place; Can you go all the way to the top?

And be sure to check out the trailer for Go Ballistick, and expansion pack that will feature “6 devastating new weapons, epic new arenas, and an all-new currency system”.

[Stick Arena]

…The SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo is fast?

SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo

After a few failed attempts, the SSC (Shelby Super Cars) Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo finally managed to break the production car world speed record; taking the title away from the Koenigsegg CCR (and away from the Bugatti Veyron’s unofficial top speed) with an average speed of 255.83 mph.

Having 1183 horses on tap (and 1094 ft-lbs of torque) definitely helped to reach those monumental numbers, and the test driver said “there is tons left on the table”.

Does this mean a second attempt is in order to solidify the record?

We’ll have to wait and see.


[Shelby Supercars]

…Absolut wants to be your new temptation?


Absolut’s new flavor, pear, is getting the full treatment over at the Absolut website. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can get rid of your old temptations (presumably to make room for a new one, namely Absolut Pear) using a variety of methods, such as a squib, a shotgun, or a sledgehammer. Having tried the pear flavor, I can definitely vouch for its taste of temptation, though I don’t know if I would blow up my watch over it.

[Absolut Pear]


…Calling shotgun is harder than it looks?

Shotgun Guide

For me, calling shotgun has always been one of those house rules type games where as long as everything is agreed upon by all parties involved, you’re good to go. I’ve always played so that you must be in line of sight of the car to call it, and each time you get out of the car, it’s a fresh opportunity for someone to take the throne. Little did I know I was playing in the rookie leagues of car seat claiming. Someone with a little more time than I’ve ever had to devote to such a seemingly simple selection process has created the Shotgun Guide – Official Rules for Calling Shotgun. Notable entries include:

The Survival Of The Fittest Rules (aka The Bastard Rules)

If the driver so wishes, he/she may institute the Survival Of The Fittest Rules on the process of calling Shotgun. In this case, all rules, excepting 1.8 (The driver has final say in all ties and disputes. The driver has the right to suspend or remove all shotgun privileges from one or more persons) are suspended and the passenger seat is occupied by whoever can take it by force.

Amendment IV: Eviction

If the vehicle is forced to stop for a serious infraction of the Shotgunner, the Shotgunner must relinquish his/her seat, if the driver so wishes. Serious infractions have been known to include spilling alcoholic beverages, spilling any beverage, being annoying, breaking parts of the car, and in extreme cases, just being ugly.

Amendment XIII: Refueling

If the car needs refueling at any time, it is the duty of the Shotgunner to gas up the car and pay (though usually with money given by the driver).

Amendment XIV: The Race

If there is a tie when calling shotgun, the first person who touches the car wins.

There’s plenty more pearls of wisdom similar to the above on the site, so I definitely encourage you check it out and perhaps even adopt some of the finer points of shotgun calling into your own automotive ritual.

[Shotgun Guide – Official Rules for Calling Shotgun]