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…House episodes are DIY?

House Episode Generator

Anyone who has ever watch an episode or two of House has no doubt realized that the story follows a somewhat predictable path on its way to conclusion.

Since it’s hard to move away from this pattern in a TV show about a doctor (People do need to get sick and he does need to save them after all!) it’s easily forgivable, but it’s also fun to work your way through the Cracked House Episode Creator and build your own sequence of events from the often repeated options.

Complete with beginning, ending, sidebars and cleavage shots from Cuddy, it’s everything you could ever need to create an award willing TV series, and then some.

Just remember though: When all else fails, fade to awesome.

[Cracked – Every Episode Of ‘House’ Ever]

…Twitter is easy to understand?

Twitter MeSo you’ve seen the “Twitter Me” button in my sidebar, but aren’t quite sure what this Twitter thing is all about huh?

Well then check out this fantastic (and short) video from Common Craft called Twitter in Plain English.

It’s designed to tell you all about the micro-blogging service in words that anyone can understand, and it’ll have you joining the Twitter army (Twittarmy?) in no time.

[Via: Common Craft]

…MyBlogLog is gone?

MyBlogLogAs you may or may not have noticed, I recently removed the MyBlogLog widget from the left sidebar.

It was starting to look stale, and I just don’t think it was ever that useful.

However, if you were one of the people whose smiling face showed up there each time you visited, and you had grown attached to that feature, let me know and I’ll bring it back.

Otherwise, it’s bye bye forever.

…It’s TGI Friday: New Theme?

As you can (hopefully) see, went under the knife recently, and is now sporting a new look. Version 1.1 incorporates a lot of the visual changes that I’ve been wanting to make for some time now, with the biggest being the addition of a second sidebar. Overall, there is now more information available on one screen, and I think it makes everything a little easier to look at.

For today’s TGI Friday, I’m asking for some feedback. Do you like the new look? Hate it? Is anything broken? Since I develop on a Mac, I can’t see the site in Internet Explorer, so I’m especially interested to hear how it looks over in IE land (though you should be using Firefox anyways). As always, both positive and negative comments are appreciated.

In addition to the design changes, DYH is now a little wider as well. Unfortunately, this means that some of you might have the edges of the site cut off by your browser, but according to my Mint stat tracker, 87% of you will still be able to view the new size in its full glory, so I had to make a few sacrifices for the greater good (though I do apologize to anyone who now has to side scroll). Remember though, if you subscribe to the RSS Feed, you can see the content however you like (or however your RSS viewer allows you to like), so there is always an alternative solution.

Lastly, in case you were wondering, this site runs off of WordPress, uses K2 as the theme, and sports a custom K2 style (called DYH) that I developed. And coffee. Lots of coffee.