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…Suzuki Sidekick jumping looks like fun?

Normally, mixing a Suzuki Sidekick, beer, and a really big jump results in a lot of pain and broken Sidekick parts.

This jump, however, didn’t go according to that plan.

It’s NSFW due to language, so mute the sound and click play, because you don’t want to miss this:

[Via: Jalopnik]

…ColorWare pimps your Sidekick3?

ColorWare Sidekick3

ColorWare, a company made famous by its colorizing of the usually monotone Apple product line, it now moving into the mobile arena with their Sidekick3 color customization service. With 3 customizable areas and 28 colors to choose from, you’re sure to have one unique little device after ColorWare gets its hands on it. P. Hilton, eat your heart out.


[Via: Core77 Design Blog]