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…It’s Website Wednesday: ClearlyClosed?


ClearlyClosed is a rather uniquely focused website the “captures storefronts in everyday neighborhoods that leave their ‘open’ sign on long after they’re closed”.

ClearlyClosed Sample

Since it’s a user-driven, collaborative and ongoing community photography project, you’re encouraged to submit your own photos that show buildings around you that are clearly closed, and there are even tips and guidelines for doing so if this is something you’d like to document too.

[Clearly Closed]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Road Tested Chairs bring New York home?

Road Tested Chair

The Road Tested Chair by John Carter brings the outdoors indoors by utilizing actual New York City “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs that actually work to create the seating surface. The legs are even made of reconfigured and customized steel street sign brackets. Available in genuine street scuff or squeaky clean with a fresh coat of yellow paint, the chair plugs into a standard outlet and is controlled via a remote control. This stuff’s made in New York City.

[Road Tested Chair]

[Via: OhGizmo!]