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Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy

This ad for the new 33 shoe from ASICS features a very cool effect where they use ping pong balls and a giant fan to create a silhouette of the shoe that hovers a few feet off the ground:

…Antler Rings look painful?

Anneke Van Bommel - Antler Rings

Continuing the trend of rings that can kill, Anneke Van Bommel’s Antler Rings “celebrate on of Canada’s most famous and iconic silhouettes.” The rings are available in either the Moose, Caribou, Elk, or Whitetail Deer variety, and are each hand cut and polished from sterling silver.

They’re a limited edition though, so if you want a set, be sure to get them while you can.

(Just remember to keep them away from your eyes!)

[Anneke Van Bommel – Antler Rings]


…There are ten reasons why Apple should hire Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton

In response to reports that people are paying for their stories to reach the front page of Digg, Webomatica said that rather than paying, all you need to get to the front page is a story titled “Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Should Hire Paris Hilton”. So, I’m going to run an experiment to find out: is that all you need?

Here are “The Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Should Hire Paris Hilton”:

Paris Carl’s Jr.

10. She already promotes every other product in the world.

The Apple Life

9. She could star in “The Apple Life”.


8. She could put an Apple store in every Hilton hotel.

One Night In Paris

7. She makes a lot of “private videos” that would be great for product placements.


6. She could attach a Shuffle to her Chihuahua.

Paris Hilton Bentley

5. She could advertise on her Bentley.

iTunes One Night In Paris

4. She could sell One Night In Paris through the iTunes Movie Store.

Paris Jobs

3. She would look good in a black turtleneck and jeans.


2. She has a very distinctive silhouette.

I’m A PC

1. She would make a great PC.

[Via: Webomatica]

…The iPhone says hello?

Incredibles Hello

Though the Oscars doesn’t come close to the SuperBowl in terms of commercial debuts, Apple decided it was the right time to start the iPhone offensive. The “Hello” ad, which pays tribute to the original Mac slogan, is everything Apple: It’s simple, subtle, has a spinning product glamor shot, and a slogan. There are no silhouettes needed for this one (finally), just good old-fashioned iPorn.

[UNEASYsilence – HD Version]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Emiko Oki likes pints?

Pint Glass Chalice

Emiko Oki’s Pint Glass Series takes the pint glass shape and adds magic to the inside. Examples include this Pint Glass with Goblet, where “the silhouette of a goblet (or Chalice glass) will appear when full”, and the Pint Glass with Ash Tray, which provides a “more hygienic and aesthetic solution” to ashing your cigarette in your pint glass.

[Emiko Oki]