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…Infectious ate Popdeck?

Infectious Eats Popdeck

Infectious has always been the place to go for some of the best artist designed iPhone skins, iPod skins, car decals, adhesive wall art and laptop art around, and now they’re the place to go for custom skateboard decks as well thanks to a recent purchase of Popdeck, the former skate deck champion.

Both Infectious and Popdeck are similar to Threadless in that artists can submit designs and then the community votes on the winners, which means each new piece of art is unique and there should be plenty to chose from to match your style.

To get the new and improved Popdeck purchase off the ground, Infectious is also hosting an art contest called the Skate Deck Design Challenge, and if your design is one of the first five to be picked to become a skate deck, you’ll win fabulous prizes that range from $1000 in cold hard cash to a limited edition, never to be sold “Infectious Eats Popdeck” skate deck.

Check them out:


…Danite Kane loves animals and hates clothing?

Danity Kane Naked For PETA

The slowly downsizing girl group Danity Kane shed their clothing recently to take part in PETA’s “We’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign.

They might be comfortable in their own skin so that animals can keep theirs, but at some point, someone’s going to call PETA out for just peddling partially naked women to grow their own brand, right?


[PETA – Danity Kane’s Naked Anti-Fur Ad]

…Fox News shows porn?

Fox News Porn

Fox News has come under fire recently for its continued use of questionable material.

In protest, a site called Fox News Porn was created to collect all of the images that Fox is willing to broadcast and turn them into a porn site.

So how much skin does Fox News show?

So much so that Digg decided to ban the site for violating its TOS that prohibits adult content.

Perhaps things have gotten a little out of hand…

[Fox News Porn]

[Fox News Porn – Too Hot For Digg]

[Via: Reddit]

…Keyboard shortcuts should be on your keyboard cover?

Photoshop Keyboard

Photoshop is difficult enough to learn on its own, but to try and memorize what each keyboard shortcut key is, and the process turns into a nightmare. That’s where the Photoshop Silicone Keyboard Skin from XSKN comes in. It features every keyboard shortcut silk screened right onto the surface of the keys, and is even color coded for quick reference. Thus, the cover both protects your keyboard from your greasy fingers, and gives you quick access to the keys that are supposed to make Photoshop quicker and easier to use.


[Via: Gizmodo]