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…Cookie Composites make beautiful helmets?

Cookie Composites ROK

During an Australian vacation, I had a chance to stop by the Cookie Composites shop with a friend that’s an active skydiver so that he could pick up a new lens for his skydive helmet/camera rig.

Seeing this small company that operates on a global scale up close and personal really gave me an appreciation for their hands on approach and handmade quality. Each piece is made with precision and care, and they were happy to show us around even though we showed up at their door essentially unannounced.

Cookie Composites ROK Design

In 2006, Cookie Composites decided to reshape their brand, and hired a team of media and advertisement specialists to develop the brand’s new values. During that time, Ricardo Sa Freire was brought on to develop a range of new helmets that would translate those new values into a signature shape for their new products, and he shared that process online.

The ROK helmet is what came out of that process, and it’s a helmet designed for swoop canopy divers and base jumpers, with air intakes in both sides that are used to measure the speed through the sound of the wind.

Cookie Composites ROK Detail

Since the process behind the end result is no less impressive than what they created, it’s a fantastic read that gives you a glimpse into the world and work of a real designer as he creates a product that is designed to look good, save lives, and function in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.

[Cookie Composites]

[Ricardo Sa Freire]


…Skydiving isn’t scarry enough?

I’ve gone skydiving, and it was fun, and it scared the piss out of me, but I’d imagine that after a while you would just get used to that feeling and it would no longer be fun to just jump out of the plane and float around for a while. Once that happens, if you want to keep getting that nice little adrenaline fix, you’ve got to find some way of getting that scare the piss out of you feeling back, otherwise you might as well just be grocery shopping with a parachute on. So what are you options? One is to speedfly, a method of descending a mountain on skis where you skim along, just above the ground and hundreds of sharp, jagged rocks, often touching the ground for a brief while only to lift off again and shoot out over a cliff, flying along at breakneck speeds with just enough reaction time to realize that you’re about to die just before you actually do. Interested? Check out Fran çois Bon and Antoine Montant’s speedfly descent down Mount Eiger in first person movie mode:

If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, how about jumping out of a plane, only to land in the back seat of a moving car? Top Gear attempted to do just that, parachuting into the back of a Mercedes Benz at speed:

So if the whole falling to the ground because your chute didn’t open possibility just doesn’t do it for you anymore, fear not, there’s sure to be something else you can try with a chute on that will require a new set of undies afterwards.

[Via: High T3ch Magazine]

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