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…Macs can be your alarm clock?

Mac Alarm Programs

For many, the Mac has become their alarm clock of choice, as it can provide the extra customization that your ZZZZ’s need.

To help you decide which of the popular alarm clock programs to pick, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has put together a Tabulator showdown between Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock Pro, Awaken, and Aurora to see which is the winner.

There’s not clear cut winner, so it’s up to you to decide, but whatever you go with, chances are you’ll sleep easier knowing that you’ll wake better as well.

[TUAW – Tabulator: Alarm Clock Showdown]

…Sleep is strange?

Sleep Stages

Sleep is one of those strange things that everyone does but no one really understands. Thankfully, HowStuffWorks has come to the rescue with an article titled “How Sleep Works”. If you’ve ever wondered why people sleep, how people sleep, or what causes dreams, this is the article for you. If you’ve never wondered, then good night, and good luck.

[HowStuffWorks – How Sleep Works]