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…Tornado Potatoes look delicious?

Tornado PotatoHere’s an idea that will make it stateside sooner than later: A spiral cut and deep-fried potato, called the Tornado Potato.

Currently, it’s a snack that’s available on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, though I’m sure it’ll be clogging the arteries of fried food fans across the globe in no time.

[Photo Via: superlocal]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Oysters are a tough thing to learn?


Esquire is all about the oyster, and has put together a great little guide to enjoying the great little shelled invertebrate. Including four things you should know, the east coast/west coast thing, a shucking guide and a few places to get some great ones, it’ll have you slurping down a newly appreciated snack in no time. Just be sure to watch out for the pearls.

[Esquire – The Five-Minute Guide To Oysters]

[Via: Slashfood]

…Sunflower seeds are too plain?


Zotes Sunflower Seeds put a whole new twist on the snack staple. From their website: “Anyone can make a sunflower seed taste like salt – but it takes a little more to make a seed taste like delicious hot wings”. That’s right, hot wings is a flavor Zotes offers, along with beer baked, dill pickle, tequila lime, spicy nacho, bleu cheese, garlic roast, and a few standard choices for the less adventurous. Seeds will never be the same.


[Via: Junk Food Blog]