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…Danny Kass likes yellow snow?

Danny Kass Zoom Force 1

How does Nike come up with the design for a snowboard boot like the new Danny Kass Double Tongue Zoom Force 1?

Apparently there’s a lot of weird mustard and yellow snow involved:

According to Danny,

The pattern is of a seventies flash back inspired by the music of that generation. With the old and the new we bring you a very limited piece to make you feel good!

In addition to the boot, Nike is also releasing an entire kit of products, including a lightweight shell and graphic tees:

Danny Kass Yellow Snow Kit

If you like the design, or the song from the video, be sure to visit Nike’s site where you can download an MP3, view additional videos and more.

Suckin’ on some yellow snow…

[Nike Snowboarding – DK-TS]

…The Whip will redefine snowboarding?

The Whip

When Cheetah Ultra Sports set out to build a new snowboard, they weren’t worried about lifestyles, cultures or snazzy graphics. Their goal was entirely technical: To design and build a better snowboard without rules or limitations of any kind.

Four years later, and after countless hours of research and development, they think they’ve reached that goal with The Whip FR-117, aka The Lamborghini of Snowboards.

According to Cheetah, The Whip will:

  • Fit better.
  • Feel lighter.
  • Go faster.
  • Cruise smoother.
  • Turn quicker.
  • Edge harder.
  • Carve sharper.
  • Jump higher.
  • Land softer.

And it will do all that without chatter, and without heel or toe drag. They’re even claiming that most experienced riders will have to relax their riding style just to get greater performance out of the board, because it’s so easy to ride.

The key to The Whip’s performance is an open V hull that is specifically designed for speed and maneuverability. They board is made out of wood, plastic, steel edges and carbon composite, and by reducing the amount of board that comes in contact with the snow, this smaller surface creates less drag, which translates into more gliding speed, better maneuverability, quicker edge-to-edge transitions, and more.

For now, The Whip is being hand made in very limited production, and each board is carefully hand crafted and will include an individual serial number, so if you want one, get your name on the waiting list and put down $1899 for a pre-order, and you’ll be killing the slopes in no time.

[Cheetah Ultra Sports – The Whip]

[Via: Core77]

…It’s Movie Monday: Time Well Wasted?

Time Well Wasted

The “lay on the ground and film from above” style of video production is becoming more popular lately, and for good reason.

    Maybe you’ve seen this concept used before and maybe you haven’t, but you definitely haven’t seen it used this exhaustively and to such a dynamic extent and with a shirtless Geeves. Filming took up the entire month and everyone involved pulled their shit together like when you’re driving home after a few drinks and (suddenly!) you end up face to face with an Officer of the Law at a roadblock or, perhaps, the scene of your accident.

Check out this intro for the snowboard movie “Time Well Wasted” that was created by Sandbox, and see why it was recently awarded “Best Video Opener” by Future Snowboard Magazine.

[Via: Crapneto, Computerlove]

…Burton is rewriting the laws of shredology?

Jeremy JonesBurton’s Jeremy Jones Snowboard is a fantastic example of off the wall thinking that works well in the snowboard design environment.

    Rewrite the laws of shredology.

    Jeremy doesn’t let laws like physics, gravity, or city ordinances get in his way. The ultimate set of tools for the all-around freestyle specialist, Jeremy’s series gives him the power to step to any feature. His NEW 159 is a little wider, a bit stiffer, and more stable for those faster run-outs and bigger cliffs and kickers. The NEW Infinite Channel System™ offers unlimited stance options so Jeremy can easily switch it up in seconds.

If the board’s performace matches the looks, this is going to be one tough board to beat.

[Burton – Jeremy Jones Snowboard]