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…The Switchboard wants you to play in the snow?

Venom Switchboard

Conquer the slopes in style with Venom’s Switchboard, a new way to play in the powder.

The Switchboard is a cross between a snowboard, a skateboard, a scooter, and skis, and features a double hinge in the middle for steering, foot straps to lock you in place without the need for special boots, and a shock absorbed steering bar to help you turn the slopes into your own personal board park.

Are you ready to make the switch?

[Venomsnow – Switchboard]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Jamie Pierre is crazy?

I recently saw this clip of Jamie Pierre at a shortened screening of Anomaly at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and I was literally left with my mouth gaping open in awe:

That was Jamie setting the current world cliff jumping record of 25-stories (255-feet). What would possess a man to do such a thing? Well, considering that the biggest cliff I’ve jump off of on a snowboards was about 6-feet, I’m probably not the right person to answer that question, so I’ll just let Jamie explain it in his own words:

If you want to see more of Jamie and the rest of his partially insane crew, check out Anomaly:

255-feet? I’d call that an attempted failure at suicide.

[Teton Gravity Research – Anomaly]

[Banff Mountain Film Festival]

…Your ride wants to get pierced?

Pierce Your Ride Banner

Pierce Your Ride Scion White

Pierce Your Ride Scion

This is one customization trend that I hope never catches on. Pierce Your Ride offers, you guessed it, “piercings for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowboard, ATV, and more”. I’m all for customizing your ride and all, but giving it a giant piercing? Definitely not my style. Supposedly, theses allow you to “rebel against conformity”, but I think anyone using one is just rebelling against taste. Be your own judge though, I may be wrong on this one (though I’m probably not), and these may be the next best thing since sliced bread (though they probably won’t).

[Pierce Your Ride]