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…Pop’s ‘Stache will mark your drink with style?

Pop's 'Stache

Quench your thirst, mark your drink, AND try out a new ‘stache with a set of the Pop’s ‘Stache mustache themed drink identifiers.

Designed to wrap around the top of a bottle, the Pop’s ‘Stache drink identifiers include ‘stache classics like The Stromboli, The Box Car, The Beans for Breakfast, and The Winnipeg Special, and each is guaranteed to make you far more sophisticated looking than any other drink identifier.

For now they’re just a concept, but given the amount of support that these have received, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hitting store shelves soon.

[Pop’s ‘Stache]

…The Nooka Zon is sophisticated?

Nooka Zon

Nooka has always been known for watches that are a little…unique, but their latest line, which drops next week and will be called the Zon, features a style that I think most people could agree with. (And a price tag that many cannot, at $650!)

The pixel system counts the time, and there’s a world time setting for world travelers.

Tired of counting pixels just to tell the time?

Not a problem. Nooka’s Zon can also be told to tell the time in a standard digital time format, though that’s probably not that important for the Zon’s intended audience.

With its leather or silver band and a subdued, sophisticated looking face however, the Zon may just represent the changing face of Nooka, though I wouldn’t worry to much about them loosing their edge.


[Via: William Yan]

…ThinkGeek makes the best flying saucer?

Micro R/C Flying Saucer

ThinkGeek’s Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter is a fun way to start flying, but if you really want to be in control, then check out their Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer.

Described as “the smallest, most sophisticated R/C flying vehicle around”, it gives you control over altitude, direction and rotation, and features a solid-state accelerometer that senses tilt on two axes and adjusts the power of each propeller to keep the Flying Saucer rock solid in the sky.

In addition, a built in automatic trim means no trim dials or buttons to adjust, so you just power-cycle the remote before you begin to fly, and the Flying Saucer references the accelerometer to auto trim itself.


[Think Geek – Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer]