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…Sushi eaters need more etiquette?

Sushi FAQ Logo

I love sushi, but seeing as I grew up on hotdogs and homestyle, I’m not exactly great on the customs. Do you stir wasabi into your soy sauce? Do you dunk the entire sushi roll in to the soy sauce? Do you eat the roll in one bite? What does everything they say there in Japanese mean? Thankfully, all these questions and more are answered in The Sushi FAQ, a great site filled with everything you could ever want to know regarding sushi. Domo arigato.

[The Sushi FAQ]

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…Koo-Ki Sushi doesn’t use fish?

Koo-Ki Sushi

Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi is sure to delight even those who claim to really, really dislike fish. That’s because this sushi is “made with the finest chocolate, delectable flavorings and crisp rice cookies instead of raw fish, vinegar, and rice”. Despite its undersea appearance, these fish have never swum the seas, nor have these vegetables seen the dirt of a garden, because each piece is made by hand using delicious confections and meticulous attention to detail. There’s even green tea wasabi and chocolate soy sauce to ensure the true authenticity of the meal. Koo-Ki Sushi is the perfect gift for both the sushi lover and the sushi hater in your life.

[Koo-Ki Sushi]

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