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…X-Punx bring the X-Men to life?

X-Men Papercraft

Jason Edward Harlan, AKA Harlancore, makes papercraft creations that he calls Boxpunx, and has created two different series of X-Punx, or X-Men themed papertoys that you can print, fold and create yourself.

X-Men Papercraft Samples

Characters include Spiderman, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, Professor X, Invisible Girl, The Thing, Punisher, Silver Surfer and many more, and each features the characteristic elements that make every one unique.

[Harlancore – BoxPunx, X-Punx 1, X-Punx 2]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Buildering is dangerous?

Today’s word of the day is Buildering (a play on words from Bouldering I assume), which means “the act of climbing on (usually) the outside of buildings and other artificial structures.”

You may have seen Alain Robert, aka The Real-Life Spider-Man, climbing to the top of skyscrapers and bridges under the arrestful eyes of the local police, but Buildering is typically less flashy, and usually takes place closer to the ground. Check out the video to see what I mean:

[Wikipedia – Buildering]



[Alain Robert]

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…Robosapien is having an identity crisis?

Spidersapien Homersapien

Robosapien, the hackable humanoid robot from WowWee, is doing a little cross dressing for the upcoming Spiderman and The Simpsons movies. The Spidersapien and Homersapien will feature all of the original robot stuff that made the Robosapien so popular, but will also include Spiderman or Homer phrases and movie specific accessories. Though Spidersapien looks like a force to be reckoned with, Homersapien reminds me of some sort of out of proportion Japanese anime character. I’m sure they’ll still sell like hotcakes to fans of the movies though, so be prepared for a robot toy invasion.

[Via: Gizmodo]