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…IHOP hears a Who?

IHOP Horton Hears A Who

Remember when you were a kid and things like sugar coated Horton Hears a Who-Cakes (Pancakes covered in frosting and sprinkles with a lollipop stuck in the top) sounded delicious?

Yeah, me either, but for a limited time, IHOP is serving up a Horton Hears a Who!-inspired menu for those that still have a mouth full of sweet tooth’s.

Featuring Who-Cakes (the frosting coated concoction mentioned earlier), Beezlenut Splash (Sprite mixed with Jello pieces), and even Green Eggs and Ham, it’s a kid’s menu only type of deal, but for the intended market, I’m sure it’s a must get.

Hurry though, because it’s only available for a limited time!


…You can eat googly eyes?

Edible Flying Spaghetti Monster

After more than a year of “painstaking directed research” by their Experimental Foods Division, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has figured out how to make 100% edible googly eyes.

The formula is a mixture of gelatin capsules, sprinkles, and whoppers, and the end result are eyes that are perfect for your food face of choice. Plus, by adding the eyes to a mixture of noodles and marshmallows, they have also created a wonderfully delicious looking version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

What will you make with yours?

[Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – 100% Edible Googly Eyes]

…You can make your own soft serve ice cream?

Cuisinart Ice-45

If you’re a fan of soft serve ice cream, the Cuisinart Ice-45 is the perfect at home/do it yourself solution for creating those frozen desserts of deliciousness (ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet). Able to make 1.5 quarts of soft serve in as little as 20 minutes (though from the reviews you can expect it to take more like 30-40), the Ice-45 features a cone holder and three built-in condiment dispensers so you can add your mix-in or sprinkle of choice. Definitely one cool device.

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]