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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Rinspeed sQuba?

Rinspeed sQuba

When I first saw pictures of the Rinspeed sQuba car, I thought it was a clever Photoshop or some sort of concept car art piece.

However, the sQuba is real, and can both drive on land and “fly” underwater.

Dubbed “the world’s first real submersible car”, it features three electric motors, two Seabob jet drives, zero exhaust emissions, LED lighting technology, VDO controls that work underwater, and a fully salt-water resistant interior/exterior.

Drive it into the water and it floats along the surface like a buoy. Then, just crack the door and it sinks into the depths. Hop out though, and the driverless (diverless?) car floats to the surface automatically.

James Bond, eat your heart out.


[Via: Serious Wheels]