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…Fahrenheit looks scarry?


The new Fahrenheit coaster at Hershey Park now features the steepest drop of any coaster in the US.

How steep?

Try 97 degrees. (For those of you wondering: Yes, that is PAST vertical.)

The coaster, which features a 121 foot drop, a 107 foot inverted loop, two inverted corkscrew rolls, a Cobra element, an Airborne inverted S roll, two hills called Airtime hill, and two High-speed/banked curves, reaches a maximum speed of 58 mph, and takes 12 riders on an 85 second ride of their life.

Check out Popular Mechanics for a behind the scenes look at how the coaster was made, and hold on to your lunch if you’re going to watch the video.


[Popular Mechanics – Build A Roller Coaster]

…Tea timing takes three times the tenacity?

Three Sand Timer

This tea timer looks cool, though it is a little excessive. Featuring three separate sand timers calibrated for 3, 4 and 5 minutes, you can brew teas that require different steeping times or brew to meet your strength preference, either light, medium or strong. It’s made of stainless steel and glass with rubber feet, so it looks good, but it’s probably geared towards the tea aficionado or the really pampered chef who has every other tool already in his arsenal and at his disposal.

[Triple Tea Timer]

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]