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…It’s Movie Monday: Paco?


Paco is a cute little animated short about a butcher, a man, and a chicken.

The creators are full time students who either have full time jobs, part time jobs, or internships, so Paco apparently took two and a half years to make, and was definitely a labor of love.



…Microsoft wants you to steal Office?

The Ultimate Steal

Here’s an interesting move by Microsoft: They figure that most college students are smart enough to steal a copy of Office Ultimate 2007 and get away with it, so instead of getting $0 for all of their hard work, the ‘soft guys decided to let students ‘steal’ a copy for only $59.95. (The regular price is $679!)

It’s a digital copy, so they must download to install, but considering that’s what students would need to do for a ‘stolen’ copy anyways, you’ve got to assume that downloading isn’t much of a deterrent anymore.

All you need is a .edu email and .5 units.

I wonder how much a unit at the local city college would cost…

[The Ultimate Steal]