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…Cotton Monsters are cute?

Cotton Monster

Cotton Monsters are Jennifer Strunge’s cute, stuffed, and hand made monsters.

Since she uses no patterns, each one is unique, and every day, new monsters are added to the store.

They’re also “made with love using recycled clothes and linens” so you can feel good knowing that you’re saving a shirt from sure destruction.

Hurry though, as these monsters go fast.

[Cotton Monster]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…Stuffed BigGame Trophies would look great on your walls?

BigGame Trophies

If you’re putting together an African safari themed room, and you want the look of walls adorned with big game heads, but you don’t want to actually kill and mount each animal, then check out BigGame Trophies, a company that specializes in large, life-like animal puppets that hang on the wall.

These handcrafted stuffed animal heads are strong and durable, and definitely give your room a unique bit of personality.

[BigGame Tropies]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Speakers with legs are super fun?

Leg Speakers

Here’s a fun way to add a little cutesiness to your computer. The Super Fun Walk the Walk Stereo Speakers come incased in a stuffed animal-like case, and dangle their feet over the edge of whatever you place them on. They have a frequency response of 200 Hz – 10KHz, so they ought to sound halfway decent too, but sound comes second to cute with these guys. Pick up a pair for only $26.99.

[Super Fun Walk the Walk Stereo Speakers]

[Via: Gizmodiva]