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…JL Audio is thinking thin with their TW5 sub?

JL Audio TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer

The JL Audio TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer is a staggering piece of sound engineering.

With an extremely shallow mounting depth of only 2.5 inches, it needs only half a foot of enclosure, and is designed for truck and sports car installations where space is a premium.

Despite its thinness, JL hasn’t skimped on the specs, as this sub is available in either a 12” or 13.5” variety, and handles 500 or 600 W respectively.

Get ready to bring the bass to where it’s never been before.

[JL Audio – TW5 Thin-Line Subwoofer]

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…These speakers put the woof in woofer?


These “Woofer” speakers might not knock socks off the audiophile living next door, but who cares what they sound like with looks like these. With a definite pun intended, the Woofers look like man’s best friend (sans heads of course) but sound far more sophisticated. Available in either black or white (which color was Fido again?), they’re sure to get conversations started at your next house party about as quickly as that story you tell about eating that goldfish in college.


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