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…Battlefield Heroes is starting to look good?

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon-style shooter from the people behind the Battlefield series, and will be a Play 4 Free game when it launches in Summer of ’08.

Though to me it looks like a simple version of The Orange Box’s Team Fortress 2 (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since any game that achieves even 50% of TF2’s awesomeness is still going to be awesome.) Battlefield Heroes has some definite possibility, and it’s always hard to be the price of free.

[Battlefield Heroes]

[Via: UberReview]

…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Sale

Threadless is currently having the Wear I $pent My Summer Vacation Sale, with all designs just $10 and up. If you’re looking for some new threads, now is the time.