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…It’s Easter Sunday: Leftover Eggs?


So you prefer the real deal to the plastic imitation, but now you have a bunch of hard boiled Easter eggs lying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Thankfully, Fabulous Foods has come to the rescue with a list of the top ten tings to do with leftover eggs. Recipes include classics like potato salad and cobb salad, as well as more advanced fare like beet pickled eggs and Scotch eggs. Whatever you do, just don’t let the bunny’s work go to waste.

[Fabulous Foods – The 10 Best Things To Do With Leftover Easter Eggs]

…The Super Bowl will have great commercials?

YouTube Super Bowl Commercials

Though I’m sure the Super Bowl game will be great and all, I usually spend my Super Bowl Sunday waiting for the well produced and highly budgeted commercials. Apparently this is becoming a more popular pastime, as many companies now cater to the heightened commercial awareness that the Super Bowl is now famous for. YouTube is doing Super Bowl commercials YouTube style (whatever that means), and Rolling Rock is getting a jump on the competition by airing a commercial about their commercial (the later of which doesn’t even really exist). It’ll be interesting to see how else companies can utilize the commercials and the eyes they bring without airing a commercial of their own. Don’t forget to Supervote.

[YouTube – Super Bowl]