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…Twitter went wild during the Super Bowl?

Twitter Super Bowl Map

If you haven’t already, be sure to go play around with the Twitter Super Bowl Chatter Map on The New York Times.

The map itself shows the location and frequency of commonly used words in Super Bowl related tweets, and you can compare things like player names and emoticons to specific milestones in the game to see where people were talking about what, for how long and how intensely.

[The New York Times – Twitter Chatter During The Super Bowl]

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…Super Bowl clothing is great for charities?

Super Bowl Hat

Here’s one of those “Huh, I always wondered what they did with those things” type stories. After the Super Bowl, when they’re handing out all of the championship hats and shirts to the newly crowned team, have you ever wondered what they did with the loosing team’s useless victory clothing? No, strangely enough, the answer is not eBay. Actually, it’s somewhat more heartwarming, because it turns out the excess clothing is given to the needy inhabitants of Sierra Leone. Soon, somewhere on the opposite side of the world will be running around with a shirt that reads “Chicago Bears, 2007 Super Bowl Champions”. Now you know.

[NY Times]

[Via: Digg]

…Coke wants to win the Super Bowl?

Who’s going to win the top spot among this year’s Super Bowl advertisers? Coke’s attempt, “Happiness Factory” is definitely going to be in the running, and Very Short List predicts it’s going to be the big winner. A combination of animated fantasia and Rube Goldberg, the spot is a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a Coke machine. We’ll just have to wait and see what other companies are going to pull out of their back pocket before making any final decisions, but I definitely think it’s going to be a very interesting competition.

[Via: Very Short List]

…The Super Bowl will have great commercials?

YouTube Super Bowl Commercials

Though I’m sure the Super Bowl game will be great and all, I usually spend my Super Bowl Sunday waiting for the well produced and highly budgeted commercials. Apparently this is becoming a more popular pastime, as many companies now cater to the heightened commercial awareness that the Super Bowl is now famous for. YouTube is doing Super Bowl commercials YouTube style (whatever that means), and Rolling Rock is getting a jump on the competition by airing a commercial about their commercial (the later of which doesn’t even really exist). It’ll be interesting to see how else companies can utilize the commercials and the eyes they bring without airing a commercial of their own. Don’t forget to Supervote.

[YouTube – Super Bowl]