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…It’s Website Wednesday: PopScopic?


PopScopic is an interesting mashup that uses augmented reality to enhance your shopping experience.

On PopScopic, you can print out three symbols that are linked to the top ten lists for music, movies and games. Then, just fire up your webcam and put one of those symbols in front of it, and you’ll see the cover art from the top ten list projected in front of you. You can tilt the paper to change selections, and then just tap on the $ sign to visit a page where you can buy that item.

It’s not a world changing experience by any means, but it is a peak into the future of shopping, and it’s fun and easy to play around with, so check it out!


…The Grawlix is #@$&ing cool?


You know the string of symbols that come out of a cartoon character’s mouth every time they swear?

Apparently it’s called a Grawlix.

Mort Walker (the Beetle Bailey cartoonist) coined the term around 1964, and though the Oxford English Dictionary doesn’t officially recognize it as a word, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start using it every chance you get.


[Via: Hoefler & Frere-Jones]

…Typography is a nude woman?

Typography Calendar

Who knew typography could be so sexy? UK design company Taylor Lane created a pin-up girl style calendar using only the symbols you can find on a keyboard. I’ll never type the same way again.

[Via: Twenty Four]

…Playstation loves viral marketing codes?

Playstation 3 Viral Marketing

Sony has taken up viral marketing with their new website for the yet to be released Playstation 3. Using what appear to be random symbols, you can decipher the related letters and then click out words that give you access to videos, wallpapers and soundtracks for a few of their upcoming games. Thankfully, if you don’t want to crack the code yourself, there’s a site that shows the cracked code along with a list of what you should spell with the given letters, and a site that is hosting the videos that are unlocked when you “win”. It’s definitely a cool (though very difficult) way of spreading the word about upcoming games.


[Cracked Code]


[Via: Kotaku]