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Johnny Cupcakes Opens London Store With Crazy Ball Machine

Johnny Cupcakes London Grand Opening

When Johnny Cupcakes opens a new shop, they want it to be filled with unique experiences – making you feel like you stepped into a time warp. All shops are set up as old fashioned bakeries, displaying limited edition t-shirts in refrigerators rather than actual cupcakes. T-shirts even get packaged in special food/bakery packaging.

For the opening of their London shop, they created a Rube Goldberg style machine that puts metal balls on an endless, and endlessly entertaining, loop through various jumps, hoops and whoops:

[Johnny Cupcakes – London Opening]

…It’s Movie Monday: Johnny Cupcakes Cupcake Cannon?

Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour

To celebrate his roots, Johnny Cupcakes is recreating what got his company started: Slinging wrinkled up, gas scented t-shirts out of his crusty suitcase while on tour with his band.

The tour will take him all across the country, and along the way, he’ll stop at respected businesses, including art galleries, boutiques, bakeries, toy shops, and more, and giving away free treats and surprises at stops along the way.

One of the recent surprises was at Kamp Grizzly in Portland, Oregon, where he busted out a Cupcake Cannon and fired it at willing volunteers. Thankfully, they documented the whole thing in stunningly slow motion, so that you too can share in the joy that a Cupcake Cannon can bring:

[Johnny Cupcakes – Suitcase Tour]

…Ten Bills doesn’t charge for style?

Ten Bills

For stylish shirts that won’t break the bank, check out Ten Bills, where all t-shirts are, you guessed it, just $10.

Keeping the prices low hasn’t diminished the quality of the designs however, as these are top notch t-shirts that look good too. Plus, at just $10 each, you can buy a bunch and spice up your wardrobe without emptying out your wallet.

[Ten Bills]

…bedlam clothing is having a sale?

bedlam clothing

If you’re looking for some cheap threads, check out bedlam clothing. Right now they’re having a sale, and each cool, sexy or funny t-shirt for people who wear t-shirts is only $6 until they sell out. That’s less than cost. Righteous.

[bedlam clothing]

…Meat and Potatoes make good shirts?

Meat and Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes is “a collaboration of artists with freshly conceived, tasty ideas, packaged in very limited numbers”. Each limited edition t-shirt is hand silkscreened, then packaged in a meat tray with a numbered 6” x 8” print of the artwork included. Plus, a portion of the sales are donated to various food charities, because if you’re getting your fill of Meat and Potatoes, so should those less fortunate. Their designs are definitely cool and unique, and their packaging can’t be beat, so add a little Meat and Potatoes to your fashion menu the next time you order.

[Meat and Potatoes]

[Via: Josh Spear]