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…It’s TGI Friday: iPhone fakes?

iPhone Shuffle

Following the first TGI Friday, user ihave7stars is now the proud new owner of a $10 iTunes gift card, and had some really nice things to say about DYH:

    You have a really cool site and I’m bookmarking it with the rest of my daily must-reads. It’s nice to get all my important news on one page without the other stuff I don’t care about.

This week, the TGI Friday is a great Photoshop of the new iPhone Shuffle, and a challenge to the DYH readers out there with some great Photoshoping skills of their own. Can you top the iPhone Shuffle? Now that we know what the real iPhone is going to look like, what do you think Apple should have done? What do you think Apple still has in store? iPhone Nano? iPhone Rotary? If I get some good ones, I’ll come up with a prize to give away for the best, so let the ideas run wild and let’s see what you’ve got.

[Photo Via: Gizmodo]

…The ModBook is a tablet MacBook?


Axiotron picked up Mac’s slack with their new ModBook, a tablet style MacBook mod. Retaining most of the original specs of the MacBook donor, the ModBook adds a built-in GPS module, and the Penabled Wacom digitizer for all of your inputing needs. The pen input “runs at 20x display resolution, with 256 pressure levels and zero battery use, and the MacBook’s LCD is protected with some chemically strengthened glass, complete with a paper-like texture and anti-reflective coating”. Apple’s own built-in Inkwell technology handles the writing ability, and the slot-loading disk drive makes this the only slate-style tablet computer with a built in CD/DVD drive. If you’ve been waiting for a tablet Mac to hit the shelves, wait no longer, you ModBook is here.


[Via: Engadget]