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…Kobayashi is injured?

Takeru “Tsunami” KobayashiTakeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi is apparently suffering from jaw arthritis due to his rigorous training, and might not be able to compete for the next Nathan’s hot dog eating championship. According to Kobayashi, his jaw can only open to make a gap the size of a fingertip, as it “refused to fight any more”. I wish him the best, and hope that we can see him in record setting form again in time for the contest.

[Via: Yahoo! News]

…Kobayashi loves Krystal hamburgers?



Takeru Kobayashi is at it again, this time eating 97 Krystal hamburgers in 8 minutes during this year’s Krystal Square Off, beating his previous best of 69, and earning himself yet another world record in the process. It’s impressive and all, but come on Kobayashi, you couldn’t make it to an even 100? Wuss.

[Krystal Square Off]

[Via: Tennessean]

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