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Tool Tank Multi-Tool

Tool Tank

The Tool Tank is a multi-tool keychain that features 3 screwdriver bits cleverly disguised within the tracks of a tank.

Each bit magnetically attaches to the turret, which rotates up for use. Just pick your bit, rotate the turret and you’ve got yourself a clever little screwdriver that’s always ready to do ‘battle’ with chores around the house.

[Tool Tank]

…It’s Things Thursday: Amphibious Tank?

Amphibious Tank

What’s better than a remote controlled tank?

How about a remote controlled tank that can transform into an assault boat, fire BBs up to 30 meters, and deliver four beers in the process?

Sounds like a winner to me!

The Amphibious Tank from Danbar Toys might not be the safest way to entertain yourself on a lazy beach side afternoon, but who said anything about fun being safe?

(Except maybe these guys.)

[Danbar Toys – Amphibious Tank]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…It’s Things Thursday: Paintball Panzer?

Paintball Panzer

No, that’s not a really large man in a tank.

Yes, that’s a really small tank with a man in it.

Called the Paintball Panzer, it’s made by Funtrak Limited, and features:

  • Genuine one-person tracked vehicle (That’s right, “Tank Tracks”)
  • Fully integrated “Fire-While-Driving” paintball/laser gun
  • Can be driven on UK roads
  • Choice of many authentic (and some frankly bizarre) colours
  • Additional custom mods available
  • 8 week lead time (Built to order)

If paintballing is your thing, then I guess you can find a way of justifying the $14,400.

[Funtrak Limited – Paintball Panzer]

[Via: Born Rich]

…Ktrak turns your mountain bike into a tank?


It used to be that snow and sand were about the only things that could stop you from getting your adrenaline fin on a mountain bike. Now, Ktrak wants to let you conquer even those surfaces with their Rear-Drive Kit, “a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. It is designed to create traction on previously ‘unridable’ surfaces, such as show and sand”. Basically a set of tank treads for your bike, it gives you traction where other wheels would only manage to sink in and slip around. Plus, it makes your bike look really freaking cool. Get yours January 2007.


[Via: Spluch]