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…GOSHone wants you to buy a laptop?

I have no idea what inspired GOSHone to create this video, but if it makes you want to buy a laptop, more power to him. Kinda reminds me of the Tea Partay guys, just without the huge corporate sponsorship. You Can Do Dat.

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Smirnoff is having a Tea Partay?

So apparently I didn’t get an invite, because I’m not among the 1.7 million people who have already seen this video for the Tea Partay. Made by Smirnoff to virally advertise their new Raw Tea drinks, it’s a pretty entertaining rap by a bunch of white boys from the MV (Martha’s Vineyard) called Prep-Unit (P-Unit). Kinda reminds me of the uber popular Lazy Sunday, just without the crazy delicious cupcakes…in cursive.

[Smirnoff – Tea Partay]

[Via: Pronet Advertising]