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…Line Rider Transcendental is rediculous?

There’s a point at which you should look in a mirror and say to yourself “You know, Self, you’ve probably spent too much time in front of the computer lately building that Line Rider run”.

Unfortunately for this creator (though fortunately for us) he didn’t listen to that voice, because TechDawg used over 126,000 lines to create this run, called Transcendental, that goes on for over two minutes!

Prepare to be amazed:

And for a preview of upcoming Line Rider features, check out TD’s Adventure:

[Line Rider]

…LineRider is still riding lines?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything regarding LineRider (probably because the fad is all but over), but it’s hard to ignore a clip like this. Called Discarded, it’s made by a YouTube user named TechDawg, and I think it’s hands down one of the most innovative and interesting tracks to date. Plus, he was even kind enough to create a “making of” video for all of us who wonder, “How do they do that?”.


[Via: Kotaku]