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…Busted Tees are jokes you can wear?

Busted Tees Banner

Busted Tees is a site for those brightly colored joke tee shirts with some sort of message scrawled across the front for the world to see and laugh at, but I’d say it’s definitely one of the better ones. Jesus hates the Yankees.

Busted Tees Tees

[Busted Tees]

…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Holiday Sale

For 30 days, Threadless will be selling off all of their current shirts for $10, and releasing 2-4 new $10 tees each day. Plus, they’re reprinting many of the classics, and holding a contest with the winner receiving every tee they print in 2007 (expected to be over 550 shirts). The last time a Threadless sale came around, I ordered a few, and I was not disappointed. Shipping was quick, the shirts are very high quality, and you can’t beat $10 a pop. Head on over and pick up a few, your closet will think you.


…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Sale

Threadless, the user submitted tee shirt design/contest site, is having a sale. Right now, for just $10 (That’s less than you’d pay for the shirt they’re printed on), you can pick up some of the most cutting edge designs to hit a tee since, well, ever. That’s because Threadless uses independent artists, and a user voting system to decide what designs make the cut. So hurry on over, because the sale ends this Wednesday (October 25).

Edit: Talk about customer service! I placed an order through Threadless yesterday for a couple of shirts (you really can’t beat this deal), and due to some sort of server error on their behalf, they charged my card but placed a blank order. Following the error, they quickly refunded my card, and in the letter letting me know of the problem, offered me a coupon for when I replace the order. That’s what I call a company that cares about their customers.