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…[ 2 one 5 ] is having a sale?

Grab Bag Sale

If you’re looking to add a little surprise variety to your style, then check out [ 2 one 5 ]’s Grab Bag sale.

Each bag has an estimated value of $233, and contains two pieces form the Hood Riches collection (a jacket), one Five Panel hat (a dome piece), and one (limited) tee.

The only catch is that they get to pick the gear, and there are absolutely no returns or exchanges, so be ready for a whatever comes out of the bag when you click buy.

[[ 2 one 5 ] Grab Bag Sale]

[Via: iloveyourtshirt]

…Pirating music is fashionable?

I [Pirate] MusicThe I [Pirate] Music tee is a subversive way of showing off your less than legal hobby in style.

It’s available in either red or brown, and the design is sure to grab attention, which means you’ll want to wear something else to the RIAA party you got invited too.

If yarrrrr ready, then walk the plank for just $28.

[GAMA-GO – I [Pirate] Music Tee]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…Atypyk makes one tough tee?

Be Tough

Atypyk’s Be Tough Tee is probably not something you’d want to wear while trying to board a plane, but if you’re looking to give your clothing some edge, this is more than enough to get you started.

[Be Tough]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Sale

Threadless, the user submitted tee shirt design/contest site, is having a sale. Right now, for just $10 (That’s less than you’d pay for the shirt they’re printed on), you can pick up some of the most cutting edge designs to hit a tee since, well, ever. That’s because Threadless uses independent artists, and a user voting system to decide what designs make the cut. So hurry on over, because the sale ends this Wednesday (October 25).

Edit: Talk about customer service! I placed an order through Threadless yesterday for a couple of shirts (you really can’t beat this deal), and due to some sort of server error on their behalf, they charged my card but placed a blank order. Following the error, they quickly refunded my card, and in the letter letting me know of the problem, offered me a coupon for when I replace the order. That’s what I call a company that cares about their customers.