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…Timbuk2 loves Pabst Blue Ribbin?

Timbuk2 Dolores Chiller

Timbuk2’s new Dolores Chiller messenger bag doesn’t just look like a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, it’ll hold a 12-pack of them as well!

That’s because the beer themed bag is lined with waterproof and insulated material on the inside so that you can pack it with ice and keep some cold ones chilled on a hot summer day. Plus, there’s a bottle opener built right in so that you don’t have to use your teeth. (Again.)

[Timbuk2 – Dolores Chiller]

…Monster Hoodies will eat your head?

Monster Hoodies

If you need a new way to keep your head warm, then check out these Monster Hoodies.

Each handmade creation features teeth, eyes, and style, and is available in one of four different monster forms: Shark Bite, Dinosaurus Rex, Neko Gato, Monster Kun.

[Monster Hoodies]

[Via: Outblush]

…Your feet can be monsters?

Alife/Asics Gel Lyte III’s

These Alife/Asics Gel Lyte III’s are simply stunning.

Because of their Godzilla inspiration, they feature laced eyes, toothed soles, and scaled leather.

How can you resist?



[Via: Complex]