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…The New York Times loves books?

The New York Times

Wish you knew what books are on The New York Times critics’ favorites list? Which are disappointing only because they have to end? Which are the ones that they mention to their friends? Which are the ones that they take on vacation? Which are well executed, whatever the genre or subject matter?

Well wonder no more, because they have put together a list of their favorite books of 2007, and it’s a great way for you to get started on 2008.

[The New York Times – Critics’ Picks: Favorite Books Of 2007]

…Nauru does billion-dollar laundry?

Nauru Flag

What does a billion-dollar bank look like?

If you said a shack on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, you would unfortunately be correct.

This shack, located on the eight square miles of the island nation of Nauru (a tiny island of 13,500 people located 1,200 miles east of New Guinea) has seen billions of dollars flushed through its system recently, as those that are working with less than legal tender are looking to the island for its money laundering services.

It wasn’t always this way though, as Nauru used to be a prosperous phosphate mine, until the bird dropping based wealth was sucked form the land, leaving little more than a crater and a distant memory of prosperous times.

Recently, Jack Hitt of The New York Times had a chance to tour this highly unlikely bank, and his resulting report is a great read about a country that can’t find its way, and the things that they do to survive.

Care to make a deposit?

[The New York Times – The Billion-Dollar Shack]

[Wikipedia – Nauru]