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…The Simpsons Movie has three trailers?

Here’s the latest trailer for The Simpsons Movie, though I’d suggest not watching it if you want to go into what my be one of the funniest movies of the year with virgin eyes and ears:

…The Simpsons are staring in a movie?

The Simpsons Movie

When a TV show turns into a movie, it pretty much ends up being a longer version of the regular show, with a few naughty words that they can’t say without bleeping thrown in for good measure (here’s looking at you, Jackass: The Movie). Though The Simpsons Movie doesn’t look to break any ground there, it does look to continue doing what The Simpsons do best, making you laugh so hard it hurts a little. Though the trailer is only a tease (Spoiler: It’s not a spoiler), it’s going to have to do until the July 27 release date. Doh!

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