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…ThinkGeek is having a sale?

ThinkGeek 8-Bit Tie

If you liked the style of ThinkGeek’s 8-Bit Tie, but didn’t like the price, then check out their Black Friday sale, because it’s currently half off. (Now only $9.99)

  • Stylish Tie Looks just like what Mario wore to his high-school graduation.
  • Pixelated design and jaggy edges complete the 8-Bit look.
  • Clip-on format makes for easy wear with any shirt (including t-shirts).
  • 20 inches in length. Fits any human.
  • Silky Microfiber Construction (Polyester)


…Ties can be dangerous?

Cyberoptix TiesLike the Manfred ties featured previously, the Cyberoptix line of Concealed Weapons neckwear hides a secret. Each hand-silkscreened tie has a “subtle graphic” on the front, and a “loaded graphic” hidden on the back, and is available in a variety of colors. Conceal it until you pull it out for show and tell, or keep the secret all to your self, the choice is yours.


[Via: JoshSpear]

…ThinkGeek is making the 8-bit tie?

8-Bit Tie

ThinkGeek thought they would be clever this April Fools Day and design an “8-bit” tie that draws from the pixilated history of video games for its design. Well, the joke is on them, as numerous geeks and video game heads emailed them and demanded that they go into production. In response to the outcry, ThinkGeek is going to produce this clip on tie (it’s clip on to “preserve the simple, right angle, 8-bit), and sell it to the masses. Weather this was their intention all along, we’ll never know, but if you want to show your geeky side at the office, I can’t think of a better way.

[ThinkGeek – 8-Bit Tie]

…No one likes to wear ties?

Tie T

If you just got fired from your “pays me a bunch but I have to wear a tie” type job, enact some revenge with the Tie shirt from Mr Bingo; the “ultimate revenge T for your ‘dress code’ anally retentive boss”. The limited edition Tie T might not pay the bills, but who needs cash when you’ve got style?

[More T Vicar – Mr Bingo – Tie T]


…You need to tie your own tie?


Being able to tie your own tie is like a passage into manhood. If you have a friend tie it for you, wear it, and then loosen it up enough to pull over your head and hang next to your other ties of shame, I’m sad to say you’re not yet a full grown man. Thankfully, comes to the rescue with their guide to tying the Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand, and Pratt. They’ve even got video tutorials if you can follow along with words and pictograms, and a brief description of what each knot says about your style. For example: The Windsor Know is a thick, wide and triangular tie knot that projects confidence. It would therefore be your knot of choice for presentations, job interviews, courtroom appearances etc. Truly a great resource for those looking to join the exclusive club of self made tie knot tiers.

[Half Windsor]
[Four in Hand]

[Via: Urban Monarch]