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…Indy racing is filled with information?

Indy 500 Car Tracker

The Indy 500 Car Tracker that The Indianapolis Star put together for last weekend’s race is a very interesting way of looking at racing.

As you watch each lap tick away in under a second, you can really get a feel for how the cars jockey for position, how they plan their pit strategy, and who is pulling away from whom.

[Indy 500 Car Tracker]

[Via: Kottke]

…Death Village is scarry?

Death Village

Death Village is a fantastic Flash game that lets you play as friendly ghosts that are trying to get Kevin the real estate agent out of the front door without scaring him to death.

The controls are easy, as you simply click around to make various actions happen, but it’s all about timing.

Can you save Kevin?

[Death Village]