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…It’s Website Wednesday: You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD?

You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD

You know you’ve done it: You’re up late watching a movie, and getting pretty tired, but you think you can make it through the end.

Suddenly you wake up in the middle of the night, and realize that the movie ended while you were asleep on the couch, and for the last who knows how many hours, the same few minutes that make up the DVD’s menu have been looping over and over like some sort of terribly ineffective alarm.

In case that’s never happened to you, or in case you want to relive the terrible moment of tired realization all over again, a delightfully simple website called “You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD” is here to help.

Just select your movie from favorites like Knocked Up, Terminator 2, Reservoir Dogs, and more, and kick back on the fake sofa as the repeating music and oddly selected clips lull you into a trance that only a true movie watching professional will be familiar with.

[You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD]