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…Yesterday was April Fools’ Day?

“You know the rules, and so do I…”

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, but I feel like it should have just been called Official Rick Roll Day, since so many sites (DYH included) used it as an excuse for a little meme misdirection. (YouTube Rick Rolling anyone and everyone that clicked on a featured video link was a classic!)

However, not all sites went for the easy/obvious gag, and some managed to pull some pretty funny stunts. Below are some of my favorites:




Trust Banners

Trust Banner

Gmail Custom Time

Google Custom Time

ThinkGeek’s line of April Fools products, including the Pii Pii Brothers

Aviary’s Dodo: Web-Based Time Machine

Aviary Dodo

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…Zen Habits is the best?

Zen Habits

Leo Babauto’s Zen Habits is a true Cinderella story of the blogging world.

In less than a year, ZH has gone from two readers (Leo’s wife and mother) to over 26,000 subscribers, and is now among the top 100 blogs on Technorati’s list.

If you’re not yet one of those 26K, then be sure to give a look through the Best of Zen Habits in 2007 post, as it’s filled with what makes ZH one of the best blogs out there, and is a great way to catch up on what you’ve been missing.

Congrats Leo; I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.

[Zen Habits – Best Of Zen Habits In 2007]