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…The Corporation is a free download?

The Corporation

The Corporation, a documentary style film about the inner workings of large corporations and the power they hold over our country (and the damage they can do to it), is now available via BitTorrent as an official “shareware” download. This public distribution is a response by the producer to the 500,000 illegal downloads that had already occurred, and is one of the first attempts at try now, buy later movie distribution I’ve ever seen. So go ahead, legally download, enjoy, and share this movie. Just don’t forget to donate some money to the cause if you like what you see.

[Torrentfreak – The Corporation]

[The Corporation]

…Television should be more democratic?


Lifehacker put together a nice little guide on how to use Democracy and tvRSS to subscribe TIVO style to your favorite television shows and have them downloaded as soon as they become available in the BitTorrent world. Though Democracy does have a few kinks to work out as a program, and tvRSS isn’t always perfect when it comes to having every episode or not having a few duplicated, it does make things pretty simple, and it’s an effective way of getting the TV you want, when and how you want it.