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Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

Rube Goldberg machines are frequently featured here on DYH, so when one appears that fits into two suitcases, and has a name like “Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine”, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to get featured.

The machine, by a design studio called HeyHeyHey, was built in response to their first Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine, which was such a success that groups all around the world requested its availability for shows and festivals. Since it didn’t travel well, HeyHeyHey decided to build another Melvin, but this time, they wanted to make it portable.

The result is a Rube Goldberg machine that’s specifically built to travel the world, and even acts like a tourist when he gets there, ‘sending’ its own postcards and taking pictures of those around it.

It’s an impressive work of interactive art, and the website does a great job of detailing each step in the process, and documenting the journey that Melvin takes, so I highly recommend you check it out.

[Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine]

…The Image Fulgurator will mess with your mind?

Image Fulgurator

The Image Fulgurator is Julius von Bismarck’s photo hijacker that uses a flash gun and an old SLR camera to sense the flash of another camera and then project a message (either image or text) onto the surface of whatever is being photographed.

Apparently the reason for the Fulgurator is that Julius wants to challenge the confidence that people have in the accuracy of their photos, though I think that it’s more than a little fun to watch the confused faces of tourists who just can’t figure out what’s wrong with their camera:

[Image Fulgurator]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…Wallpaper* City Guides can help you find your way?

Wallpaper* City Guides

Wallpaper* City Guides are designed to be “the fast-track guide for the smart traveler”. Currently featuring 20 cities with an additional 40 in 2007, they’re pocket-sized, easy-to-use, and discreet, so you don’t have that camera around the neck tourist look as you try to blend into your new atmosphere. Inside, you’ll find “The best restaurants, bars and hotels (including which rooms to request), the most extraordinary stores and sites, and the most enticing architecture and design”. Already live in one of the cities featured? Pick up the Wallpaper Guide for your home turf, and you may just rediscover your favorite stomping grounds.

[Wallpaper* City Guides]

[Amazon – Wallpaper City Guides]