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Handle Your iPad With Love

Handle With Love

Handle With Love is armour for your iPad, a case that protects it yet still allows it to retain its trademark style and flair.

With a kevlar-like jacket that shrugs off everyday collateral damage and a red lift strap for retro-chic appeal, your iPad will sleep safe and snug, so that you can too.

[Handle With Love]

…You can make your own Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs Paper ModelDidn’t get enough Steve Jobs in your life yesterday?

Then make your own!

Toy-A-Day is a year-long project where the creator will be constructing and posting a new paper toy from a basic template each day for one year, and to help celebrate iDay, he created a little Steve Jobs that comes with his own iPhone and iPod.

Simple print it out, fold it up, and display it for all your friends to see.

A lack of a neck makes it difficult to show off the trademark turtleneck in this mini mock-up, but considering the fact that this is an accurate representation of his Steviness, you can trust that it’s in there somewhere.

[Toy-A-Day – Steve Jobs]

…Gizmodo may get impeached following iPhoneyGate?

Gizmodo stirred the blogosphere into a tizzy recently with iPhoneyGate, a false report of Apple’s iPhone being introduced well before anyone expected it to be. It turned out Gizmodo was fed some misleading information, as the iPhone was released when they said it would be, but as a Linksys VOIP phone (apparently Linksys owned the trademark on the iPhone name all along, and no one knew). Tempers flared, and Brian Lam, the man behind this whole fiasco, explained his side of the story today for all to dissect and complain about in future blog posts. I remain ambivalent about the whole situation, considering it a giant case of mass miscommunication, but apparently, others feel a little more betrayed than I do. Who knew the truth could be so confusing?

[Gizmodo – iPhoneyGate]