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…The Retriever saves you from traffic?

The Retriever

The Retriever is designed to go where most tow trucks can only dream: In between lanes of traffic!

When a car breaks down, it usually blocks at least one lane of traffic, slowing everyone down, including the recovery vehicle that is trying to get to the scene so that it can clear traffic again.

The Retriever Details

However, The Retriever, a (heavily) modified 1800cc Honda Goldwing motorcycle, is designed to go through and around that traffic, and get to the scene faster than any other recovery vehicle.

Once there, a winch assisted trailer deploys from the rear, and the three-wheel design isolates the bike form the weight of the car, allowing The Retriever to handle like a normal bike. Hydraulic aids help lift the car and get it ready for transport, and a separate brake system for the trailer ensure that The Retriever can come to a stop when needed.

[The Retriever]

[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]

…Motorcycles are small?

Monster Cycle

Why would anyone spend three years building an 11-foot tall, 20-foot long, 10.5-foot wide motorcycle that weighs 6,500 pounds?

Why not?

Gregory Dunham is the man behind this ‘world’s tallest rideable motorcycle’, and has spent over $300,000 bringing his dream to life.

Plus, with a 502 cubic inch big block powering this beast to a top speed of 65 mph, it’s a ride that can keep up with traffic while everyone stops to stare.

[Monster Cycles]

[Via: Spluch]

…The iPhone has a few secrets?

Jobs might want to keep a few of the iPhone features under wraps until the full release, but Actioncorp TV has picked through his MacWorld Keynote with a fine toothed comb and has come up with a few details that didn’t make it into the presentation, such as “what the calendar application looks like, how you’ll view traffic in Google Maps, another way to scroll through long lists and how ringtones may ultimately work”. If you just can’t get enough iNews, check it out.

[Via: TechEBlog]