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…The Roadbag holds it in?


Gotta go when you’re on the go? The Roadbag urinal is an ‘I can’t stop’ solution to your pit stop problems. It contains Polymerk, which turns urine into a gel, and is designed to hold up to 700 ml of the good stuff (your average is between 300 and 500). It might take some getting use to, but sacrifices must be made for a convenience like this.


[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…It’s Stockpile Saturday: Link Fest #2?

Last week’s Stockpile Saturday was a success, so this week, I’m bringing you 20 more links that I’ve been saving for some time now. Enjoy.

The Amateur Gourmet

The Amateur Gourmet is a great food blog that does the occasional review in comic book style. It’s a refreshing look at alternative ways of displaying content.

[The Amateur Gourmet: Chutzpah, Truffles & Alain Ducasse]

[Via: How To Change The World]


OwnYourC is a beautiful flash driven site that was created by the Colorado Teen Anti-Smoking Initiative to force teens to make tough decisions.


[Via: Josh Spear]


Pickleball is a sport that combines ping-pong, tennis and badminton, and uses a simplified combination of tennis rules and strategies.

[USA Pickleball Association]

[Wikipedia – Pickleball]

LSI Lockpicking Guide

Locksport International has put together a Guide To Lock Picking that serves as the perfect primer for anyone that’s looking to get into the sport. It’s done in graphic novel form, and gives great step-by-step information about lock picking, re-pinning, making tools, and more.

[LSI – Guide To Lock Picking]

[Via: Popgadget]


To promote their new Qashqai, Nissan has created a new extreme sport called the Qashqai Car Games. Looks like fun.

[Qashqai Car Games]

Nixie Wristwatch

Jeff Thomas loves Nixie tubes (glass tubes that are filled with gas and can display numerals or other information). Most people are content with clocks that feature the technology, but Jeff wanted a watch, so he designed his own. Sadly, he only made 20, and they’re already sold out, but hopefully another company picks up where Jeff left off.

[The Nixie Tube Wristwatch]


Nabaztag, the Wi-Fi rabbit from Violet, is an ambient device that connects to the Internet and can give you selected information.


Extra Tasty

Extra Tasty is a site devoted to inebriation, thought the design is clearly attributed to the more sober, as drink recipes, drink possibilities, tips and tricks, and a soothing color scheme are all easy to access. Get your buzz on.

[Extra Tasty]

Mad Tea Party

Su Blackwell cuts amazing sculptures right out of the pages of well-known books. Each design ties into the plot, and the results bring the story to life.

[Su Blackwell]

Toss ‘N’ Track

Toss ‘N’ Track is a Frisbee that can be tracked on the Internet. Each disc has a unique number printed on it, and after playing with it for a while, you simply toss it in the disc’s intended direction, and let someone else find it. They can then log the disc into the site, and you can see how far it travels.

[Toss ‘N’ Track]

Steve The Grape Guy Spalding

Steve ‘The Grape Guy’ Spalding is currently The World’s Fastest Grape Catcher with his record 67 grapes in one minute from 15 feet. And you thought your talent was worthless.

[Steve The Grape Guy Spalding]


Reuters has an amazing video of the current world record for most dominoes toppled, 4,079,381, being set by an international team of 90 builders from 13 countries. I’ll bet they were glad no one sneezed.


The Tooluxe shop puts you in control of some very promiscuous store clerks for a series of highly interactive advertisements with Matt and Angie.

[Virtual Tooluxe Shop]

My Monopoly

My Monopoly lets you create your own unique and personalized Monopoly game. You can choose a theme, and then add your own names to all of your favorite places. Want to call Boardwalk ‘Your Mom’? Go ahead, the world is yours.

[My Monopoly]

Dangerously Fun

Dangerously Fun is a web site dedicated to how-to guides for projects that could potentially hurt you. No pain, no gain, right?

[Dangerously Fun]

[Via: bookofjoe]


Evere wonder what words your bartender hates hearing? Thankfully, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bartender extraordinaire, has created a list of the Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Bartender. If you want to get served up right, make sure you follow the list.

[Jeffrey Morgenthaler – Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Bartender]

9 To 5

9 to 5 Paintings record what you do on your computer during the day and turn it into art. The site gives examples of the final result, as well as a tutorial for setting up your own double mouse feature so that you can make 9 to 5s of your own.

[9 To 5 Paintings]


Internet Hitchhikers Scotty and Fiddy used the power of the Internet to hitch their way to 50 states (and their capitals) in 50 days. Impressive.



If you’re a blog writer, there’s no better place to go for advice than ProBlogger; which is why the list of ProBlogger’s best posts for 2006 is an indispensable resource for all online authors.

[ProBlogger – Best Of 2006]


With a little subtraction, the number 6174 takes on some amazing properties. Read on to discover why.

[Mysterious Number 6174]

…The Rickshaw Run is 2,000 miles of crazy?

Rickshaw Run Logo

Having been to India and seen the craziness that is the rickshaw firsthand, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to travel 2,000 miles in one, but that is just what 34 teams from seven countries are doing for the Rickshaw Run charity adventure.

Rickshaw Run Map

Traveling from Cochin in Southern India through “police, mechanical disasters, shocking pot-holed roads and heart-stopping winding mountain tracks”, the teams will pilot their rickshaws to Darjeeling in Northern India over the course of two weeks (or more for some unfortunate teams).

Rickshaw Run Rickshaw

The rickshaws are 145 cc, two stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, four speed, three wheeled death traps with 7 hp and a hydraulic expanding show to slow you down from the top speed of 55 kmph (though they go faster down hill). The roads are described as “average, bad, terrible and non-existent depending on where you go”. At the end of the run, the rickshaws will be donated to local taxi drivers who are usually forced to work day and night just to pay off the huge debt they take on from purchasing their rickshaw, and donations will be made to Mercy Corp, the trip’s fundraising partner. I just wish good luck and good vaccinations to those who participate.

[Rickshaw Run]

[Via: PistonHeads]

…Adventure walking with the Hipster is sure to draw a few looks?


The Hipster is a replacement for the backpack if you just can’t seem to lug around enough stuff carrying everything on your shoulders. The designer, Joel Hoag, created the Hipster in response to his father’s wish to walk across America, and he hopes that his design will lead to the growth of a sport he calls “adventure walking”. So far there are two designs, the Hipster I, which utilizes a single wheel, making it maneuverable and compact, and the Hipster II, with two wheels for greater strength and easier carrying of heavier loads. Though you are sure to garner quite a bit of attention looking like you forgot your bike on a cross country trip, it does save your back from sure destruction if you tried to load everything in a backpack, so it’s a good use of function over form. I think it’d be fun to attach a few of these together and form a new sport called “human train adventure walking”, but that’s just me.


[Via: OhGizmo!]