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…OK Go is going again?

OK Go made themselves into quite a phenomenon with their treadmill video for their song “Here It Goes Again”, and they’re trying to capture the limelight once again with this wallpaper video for their song “Do What You Want”. Will they succeed? Only you (and YouTube) have the power to grant that fame, unless of course Apple decides to put this song into one of their commercials as they did with the first one. Here it goes again.

…It’s TGI Friday: iTunes Gift Card Giveaway?

iTunes Gift Card

As announced previously, TGI Friday is going to be a way of ending the week on a fun note. For the inaugural TGI Friday, DYH is giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave some sort of comment on this post (simple, right?). It can be anything, from a name to a link (keep it SFW) to a shoutout, just make sure you’re on here. Registration closes at midnight PST, and then one commenter will be picked at random and will win the gift card. To keep things interesting, you’ll be given an additional entry for each person that mentions your commenting name (the ID you choose when you registered with DYH) in their comment, so spread the word and increase your chances. You could be downloading your own legal copy of the Ok Go’s Here It Goes Again treadmill video in no time.

…You can treadmill on a bike?

Running on a treadmill is great exercise, and I definitely recommend it. Riding on a bike is great exercise, and I definitely recommend it. Running on a treadmill bike might be great exercise, but I definitely don’t recommend it. See for yourself:

[Treadmill Bike]

[Via: Gizmodo]