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…It’s Movie Monday: Nowheremen?


Nowheremen is a social reality game where players “solve interactive puzzles and treasure hunts across various mediums.”

    What is revealed is an intricate web of deception – exposing our modern security efforts, recruiting techniques, and the true nature of the world we live in.

The story centers on the fictional disappearance of Derek Francis Border, and began in September of ‘07, though the video series didn’t premier until January 22 of ’08.

New episodes premier at 2:22 PM EST each Tuesday, so be sure to tune in and see if you can solve the mystery.


…You should read 1000 Journals?

1000 Journals Cover

I was going to make this my Things Thursday post, but I think it’s so cool, I don’t want to wait. The 1000 Journals Project now includes an amazing book that documents many of the best contributions. The project, put on by Someguy (that’s his artist name), involved the release of 1000 blank journals into the wild, covered with just an artistic drawing and instructions to add anything that the current owner felt was addable. The journals were then passed on and around, gifted or left, and continued on to new places and new people.

1000 Journals Inside

In the spirit of artistic freedom, anything can be added, which means that the content is as varied as the people who have contributed, though this is what adds to the project’s charm. Just as an example of what you can expect, the journals have “been the subject of treasure hunts (#354), brought to remote mountaintops (#323), abandoned at airports (#001), left in the lost-and-found (#300), and stolen at gunpoint (#949)”. It’s an ongoing affair, so many of the journals continue to float around even today, but if the artist can get enough of them together, he plans on putting together a traveling exhibit to show off the work.

Also be sure to check out the movie, 1000 Journals, that is documenting the journals’ travels and the effect they have had on peoples’ lives (and the effect people have had on the journals’ lives).

[1000 Journals]

[1000 Journals Movie]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…Volvo’s hunt is back?

Treasure Map

    “Wake up land lovers! It’s time to do away with your rum, put down your scrabble pieces and look alive. I have some mighty big news to share with all you rogues and scallywags out there looking for a new high seas adventure. I’m looking for a hearty crew of swashbucklers fit for the task”.
    “There are rumblings of a treasure hunt coming, sure to challenge even the toughest buccaneers around. You can bet all the rum on the ship that this hunt isn’t for the lily-livered (that’s faint of heart to you land lovers). If you had the good fortune (and what pirate doesn’t?) to play in last year’s hunt, you must be scratching your head thinking, “Surely Volvo can’t make the hunt and treasure any better than last year.” Well, you’re dead wrong, me hearty. The treasure this year will shock even the toughest swashbucklers out there. Start sharpening your wit, dust off your olde compass and keep your eyes peeled. You don’t want to miss this one!”

If your idea of a treasure hunt is searching for booty in the shape of a Volvo Caaarrrr, check out the just released site for Volvo’s Treasure Hunt 2007. Last year, the hunt took teams on a race around the world to find a XC90, so this year’s hunt shouldn’t disappoint. Prepare to be boarded.

[The Hunt 2007]

[Via: Autoblog]