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…Apple is Democratic?

iPhoneAh conspiracy theories. There’s just something so wonderfully captivating about their possible truthiness. The latest comes on the heels of Apple’s big event, and claims that Steve Jobs’ well-known leftist slant may have found its way into the wonderphone’s promotional material.

As you can see from the picture, the chosen web page for the iPhone’s internet demo is a decidedly democratic snapshot of the New York Times, taken during last year’s elections. Lucky coincidence, or overt subliminal messaging? You decide.

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[Via: CrunchGear]

…Stephen Colbert likes ice cream?

AmeriCone Dream

After being turned down for the rename of the Northern M0 Danube Bridge, Stephen Colbert has apparently turned his sights on some cooler name branding, such as this pint of Ben & Jerry’s called “Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream”. The flavor, a mix of vanilla ice cream and fudge covered waffle cone pieces with a caramel swirl, is apparently coming soon to a Whole Foods store near you. When questioned, a Ben & Jerry’s PR rep responded that the Colbert flavor could be “a Patriotic mix of strawberry, blueberry and (American not French) vanilla flavors, striped in the pint with chocolate stars”, or “perhaps Republican Nut”, but he refused to even acknowledge the existence of such a flavor. In all truthiness, given the current fanatic following that Stephen commands, I’d be more than willing to bet that some form of the flavor will be hitting the shelves soon, PR reps recommendation or not, so keep an eye out.

[Via: No Fact Zone]

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