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…SteamBirds is a must play dogfighting game?


SteamBirds is an awesome top-down, turn-based aerial dogfighting game. The graphics are unique, the gameplay is fun, and I’m sure it’ll be an iGame before long, so play it now while you can still claim to be a trend setter!


[Via: Kottke]

…It’s TGI Friday: Raft Wars?

Raft Wars

Raft Wars puts you in control of Simon, a young millionaire that must defend his newly found gold and diamonds from attackers.

It’s turn based cannon warfare, but with cutesy animation and solid gameplay, it’s actually a rather fun way to kill an hour or two. (Though you may want to mute it, as the sounds gets a little repetitive after a few minutes.)

Are you ready?

[Raft Wars]