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…Google is tweaking?

Google Logo

As Google continues to reign supreme over the search engine kingdom, they are constantly tweaking and testing their algorithm to get the best possible results. Because this work often goes unnoticed, they decided to give Saul Hansell a rare look behind the curtain during one of their highly confidential quality meetings.

If you can’t get enough Goog news, then check out Saul’s article, as well as Matt Cutts’ response to the article that includes five things you didn’t know about Google’s search.

[New York Times – Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine]

[Matt Cutts – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Google Search]

…Lifehacker is writing a book?

Lifehacker Book, a great source of life hacks (clever shortcuts or lesser-known, faster ways to complete a task), is publishing a book. Called Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day, it’s a supplement/companion to their very popular web site, “a collection of the best how-to’s from the site archives”. It’s an open source book in the sense that the already published material is “enhanced by additions, suggestions, questions and answers from Lifehacker readers”. If you enjoy “redefining personal productivity by tweaking, modding, mashing up, and repurposing web apps, desktop software, and common everyday objects”, then this book is for you. I’ve been an avid reader of Lifehacker for quite some time now, and judging by the material they’ve published in the past, a collection of their best stuff is a definite must have for any techie library’s shelves.

[Via – Lifehacker]